Clinically Proven Ent is a brand or trademark associated with the marketing of music recordings and music videos. Sometimes, CPE  will also act as a publishing company that manages brands and trademarks, coordinates the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing, promotion, and enforcement of copyright for sound recordings and music videos; conducts talent scouting and development of new artists ("artists and repertoire" or "A&R"); and maintains contracts with recording artists and their managers. 

Our organization started with a simple thought in mind, back in 2008. We became official in 2014. We are a legal entertainment company in hopes of working with all variety of artists. A major accomplishment achieved to this day was the releasing of our first official mixtape in 2011, which followed up with subscribers on youtube and video streaming networks. That created the start of a loyal fanbase for our company. 2014 was the release of our 2nd project, Dirty Money, which had songs that were chosen to be on an exclusive mixtape hosted by an Atlanta DJ, DJ Asap & DJ Cinemax. Our soundcloud portfolio is also a major achievement for us, with having over 5,000 plays on most of our songs uploaded.

Unlike most record label companies Clinically Proven Ent. represents the purity and originality of the entertainment culture. At Clinically Proven Ent. we cater to all artist and really care about their well being and place a strong emphasis on their opinions about THEIR career. We represent being on a timely basis and sticking to the schedules that we set with our artist & entertainers. Clinically Proven Ent. is based on having great quality and producing awesome work for each and every one of our clients.  

As a record label, Clinically Proven Ent will locate talent, choose songs, style and format for each album. Within the studio, CPE may hire an engineer and producer, have the tracks mixed and mastered, arrange for cover art, and have our artists CDs pressed. Clinically Proven will also have an advertising and marketing department, working with distributors, getting our artists gigs on the road, and making sure our CDs and posters are displayed in major department stores nearby. Then we'll turn around and do the whole thing over again with our next clients album.